Lake Superior, the superior lake.

I’ll be gone on a backpacking trip in the Porcupine Mountains for the next few days. I’ll be out of internet/Tumblr reach, but I’m sure things will continue as normal in my absence.

(Geological note: This is Jacobsville sandstone, from the eastern side of the Keweenaw peninsula (opposite the Porcupine Mountain area). But still, it’s a nice photo, no?)

It was pure carnage, the beast within could not be stopped. There was stuffing everywhere…

Very much enjoyed the mini-workshop with Lynda Barry, she’s pretty badass.

Delicious and great design work.

Cooking with friends. (Taken with Instagram)

At the very least my Youtube videos should be political ad-free for a few months… (Photo by holzhuter)

Coffee, music, and running with scissors… #SWmadison (Photo by holzhuter)

Amateur grilled cheese champ? Going on my resume. (Photo by holzhuter)

Nick Offerman (aka Ron Swanson), his nudity has a halo… (Photo by holzhuter)

Spotted this gem at work, was very tempted to steal it for the collection… (Photo by holzhuter)

Mug shot for first coffee-in-the-park 2012 (Photo by holzhuter)

Happy Saturday. (Photo by holzhuter)

Backhanded toss during an ideation session… it’s a sign.

"You could intentionally try to do that 1,000 more times and it wouldn’t happen."

(Photo by holzhuter)