Phil Kaye // “Repetition” (Poetry Observed)

"If you watch the sun set too often, it just becomes 6 PM. If you make the same mistake over and over, you’ll stop calling it a mistake."

The first video in our series with Poetry Observed. The amazing Phil Kaye. Words matter.


Danez Smith - “Twerking as a Radical Form of Healing”

“Bend your knees because you want to, not for any god or dirty nails in your shoulder.”

Danez Smith, Individual Champion of Rustbelt 2013, performing during prelims.

"Let them bathe you in lightning."

Wrote my first post on Medium today, really enjoyed the UI.

My Monday morning was spent watching some of the weekend’s commencement speeches… This was mine a few years ago at the grand ol’ University of Wisconsin-Madison.