“Technology celebrates connectedness, but encourages retreat. The phone didn’t make me avoid the human connection, but it did make ignoring her easier in that moment, and more likely, by comfortably encouraging me to forget my choice to do so. My daily use of technological communication has been shaping me into someone more likely to forget others. The flow of water carves rock, a little bit at a time. And our personhood is carved, too, by the flow of our habits.”

 Jonathan Safran Foer believes that technology is making us more detached. Pair with The New Yorker’s essay on netiquette. (via millionsmillions)

That last line has got some punch to it…


Disney researchers put gesture recognition in door knobs, chairs, fish tanks

Imagine a door that locks when you pinch the knob. Or a smartphone that can be silenced by a hand gesture. Or a chair that adjusts room lighting when you recline into it.

A team of researchers at Disney Research and Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh have come up with a system called Touché, which uses the same capacitive technology as a smartphone’s touchscreen to imbue everyday objects with body and gesture recognition.

Full Story: Ars Technica

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MIRRORS, MIRRORS    An aerial view of the Torresol Energy Gemasolar thermosolar plant in Fuentes de Andalucia near Seville, southern Spain.  Rings of reflective panels focus sunlight on the central tower, which uses the energy generated to power steam turbines, creating electricity. (Photo: AFP-Getty via the Telegraph)

That’s hot.  And pretty cool.


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